Cattle and Sheep Clostridial Vaccine

Cattle and Sheep Clostridial Vaccine
Presentation: vials containing 25 and 50 doses for bovine species, and 40 and 80 doses for ovine species.

Prevents Blackleg, Malignant Edema, Enterotoxaemia, Black Disease and Sudden Death of bovids and sheep.

Clostridium Chauvoei, C. Septicum, C. Perfringens type C and D and C.novyi type B and Clostridium Sordelli, anacultures and toxoids, local strains isolated from clinical cases. Inactivated vaccine in an Aluminum Hydroxide adjuvant.

Dosage: 5 ml in bovids, subcutaneously. 3 ml in ovine species, subcutaneously. 2 doses with a 20-25-day interval in the first vaccination as from 3 months of age. Revaccinate annually with a single dose according to professional opinion. The vaccine can be safely used in pregnant animals.

SENASA Certificate No.: 10-106