Double Emulsion

BPA Antígeno bufferado para placa
New and exclusive CDV Technology

Double Emulsion

Double emulsion oil adjuvant vaccines have triple benefits:

-Gets a fast immune response within a few days of being applied, due to the antigen incorporated into the continuous phase such as the aluminum hydroxide vaccines.

-Maintains a prolonged and elevated level of antibodies because of the continuous stimulation of the antigen included in the oil particles of the oily phase

-Maximum efficiency and safety.

Advantages of the Double Emulsion
Double Emulsion vaccines has mixed properties respect to simple emulsion vaccines. The Double Emulsion technology allows the incorporation of vaccine antigens into the continuous phase and also include them into the oily fase, so the result is a homogeneous product, more fluid and easy to apply, capable of causing the immediate synthesis of antibodies. The double emulsion vaccines comprise a system of fine particles of an emulsion dispersed on a continuous phase wich is more fluid, of lower viscosity, with greater tolerance and physico-chemically more stable and homogeneous.

Adverse reactions
The Double Emulsion Technology does not cause adverse reactions at the inoculation spot. It´s posible to observe the appearance of a nodule at the site of inoculation as a result of a granulomatous inflammatory process, that helps the immune response.

The appearance of this nodule is very common in the use of vaccines with oily adjuvant, but it dessapears in a short period of time. Is very important to highlight that the injection has to be apply subcutanously.

The aplication in the muscucle mass can cause undesirable reactions.