Visit from the president to CVD

Eventos On Monday, August 1st, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner visited the manufacturing plant of the Centro Diagnóstico Veterinario S.A. laboratory located in Pilar Industrial Park, where she unveiled the plaque together with the President of Mathiesen, Mr. Wilfred Hintze and CDV's general manager, Hernán Cobo, starting the plant expansion project.

The event was attended by Governor Daniel Scioli, Minister of Labour Carlos Tomada, Minister for Industry Débora Georgi, Secretary of the Presidency Oscar Parrilli, and Pilar Mayor Humberto Zuccaro, together with CDV's Senior Managers.

In 2002, CDV opened the Biological Products Manufacturing Plant in Pilar Industrial Park and in 2008 merged with Mathiesen Group, investing USD 7 million to adapt the plant and increase FMD vaccine production.

Currently, CDV exports aquaculture vaccines (salmonids) to Chile and bovine vaccines to Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia. Additionally, CDV has initiated a registration process to open new markets in Brazil, Costa Rica, Algeria, South Korea, Ecuador and Peru.

The President and the Governor visited the facilities, where they highlighted the presence of high technology equipment for the development of biological products.