About Us

CDV The company has senior personnel with recognized experience and a team composed by more than 150 highly qualified and trained professionals and technicians.

For professional development and in order to maintain and increase efficacy in the various operations, the company performs a series of training activities for their people in the fields of Process Management, GMP Norms, and quality audits, among others.

Our team is working actively in the preparation of the Quality and Operating Processes Manual within the quality program according to GMP norms.

Centro de Diagnóstico Veterinario is one of the biggest diagnosis and animal health laboratories.

Leader in the veterinarian field, it has offices in the northern neighborhood, Buenos Aires, and its laboratory in Pilar, with high technology facilities which use advanced systems for controlling animal health and developing biological products.

The Pilar building was designed under the most rigorous international biosecurity norms and has a plant with maximum containment areas for the Foot-and-Mouth Disease vaccine and a biotery with a security standard.

CDV is pioneer in developing double emulsion technology. Since 2000, CDV has been exporting products to various countries in Latin America and now is going worldwide leaded by the Mathiesen group.


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